Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Alternative To Biting And Hitting

Any human being might take one look at our kids' faces and ask the perfectly logical question, "Oh, did you get a cat?"

"Particularly, a feral cat that you forced into your home who attacks your kids on a regular basis?"

No, no cat, feral or otherwise. Brandon (3) has entered a "scratching phase." You know, like the biting or hitting phases, but he scratches out of anger or excitement or self-defense or hell, for no reason at all.

And Connor (5) is usually the intended victim because Connor is the "aggravator" of the bunch. But, Connor doesn't just sit back and take it when Brandon lashes out, he scratches back.

And joy of joys, they are getting each other in the face.

He looked at me wrong! Scratch.

He took my Lego guy! Scratch.

Let's "play fight!" Scratch.

I feel like being a little dickhead today! Scratch.

It's straight-up fisticuffs. I thought I birthed boys, but apparently I have a couple of teenage girls in tiny little boy bodies living in my house.

(As if my written word is their command, Brandon and Connor literally just started doing actual fisticuffs next to me on the couch. Excuse me while I break up this cat fight.)

I'm back. So Brandon looks terrible. His face is scratched up everywhere but Connor's isn't because Brandon hasn't quite learned how to really dig in to maximize his nail-scratching like apparently Connor has. I don't love this particular phase. I much prefer that they are like this with each other:

One of my favorite things about Brandon is how he rests his hand on his brothers' heads when he sits next to one of them. 

The picture is blurry because I was rushing to capture it before they saw that I was taking pictures of them and started hamming it up. As you know, there is a .04 second window that we parents can actually get a candid shot of our kids.

I'm thinking this scratching phase won't last real long because Brandon is quickly learning that it's not fun to get scratched. Also, I cut their nails down to the quick, so... their weapon is essentially gone.

There truly is a thin line between love and hate.

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