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I'm Elizabeth, and I'm realizing my life-long dream of being surrounded by penises and farts by raising Ethan- 11, Connor- 9, and Brandon- 7. I'm sarcastic and love to laugh, drink, and swear, so if those things don't offend you, welcome to my home.

Writing helps me cope with life and with motherhood. Try not to take me too seriously. Except when I'm actually being serious. You may have a hard time figuring out when that is, and I'm sorry. 

On a serious note, I did not expect to ever be a mother. Not because I was told it was physically impossible for me, but because I never had the desire to be. Ever. 

Then, I woke up pregnant one day. And then I woke up pregnant another day, which was not as much as a surprise as the first time, then, I woke up pregnant a third day, which was the shock of my life. Maybe one day I'll figure out how that happened...

Three boys, two of which were unplanned. This is it. I am here, whether I planned or wanted to be or not, and this is me trying to make my way through this motherhood thing. Some days are awesome, many are not. Many moments are shockingly profound and beautiful and hilarious, many are not. I love my kids with everything I've ever had, and I love being away from them just as much sometimes. And I refuse to feel guilty or bad about that.

I'm occasionally wise, a total spaz, and love to make people happy. I laugh at just about everything, no matter how inappropriate (well, almost), and I'm still deciding if that means I'm immature or good-natured and having fun with life. I should probably go with the latter. Or all three. Whatever.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Administration of Justice, and am totally not even using my degree. 

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