Friday, May 17, 2013

Truth in advertising? I'm thinking NO.

Have you seen that SC Johnson commercial with Fisk Johnson (WE MISSED THE BOAT ON THAT NAME, NATE) where he talks about how their products are all natural blah blah blah and then they show a woman cleaning the window? Specifically, this woman cleaning this window?

Then a little girl runs up right after and puts her booger hands right on the newly cleaned window.

And then, the mom laughs and hugs the little girl and life is perfect.


But if I was that mom and my kid ran up and put their hand prints all over the window I had just finished cleaning, I sure as shit wouldn't be laughing and hugging him right after like he just created the next Jackson Pollock masterpiece with his fucking hands all over my newly-cleaned window. 

More likely, I would flip out and be all, "Get your hands off the damn window! I just cleaned it for the first time this year! GAAAAHHHDAMMIT!" 

And then I would mumble to myself about why do I even bother and I just wasted five minutes of my life and this is why I stopped cleaning once the boys were born.

So, SC Johnson and Fisk, I don't think many mothers relate to your commercial- at least, none that I know- hard as you tried to get us to do that. Yet, I will still use your window cleaner once or twice a year. I'm on the same bottle from 2005.

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