Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home Ear Infection Remedy

Let me just preface this post with the disclaimer that I am not a doctor, in spite of the fact that I feel like one about every other week, what with having a few kids and all. So, this doesn't replace your seeking medical attention.

Moving along, one day a few months ago, I kept noticing increasing pain, pressure, and hotness inside of my ear. By the evening I felt feverish, and I realized that I most likely had an ear infection.

I mean really? What am I, five?

When one of the boys (as if I actually remember which one) previously had an ear infection, the doctor discussed with me whether or not I wanted to give him antibiotics since apparently, most ear infections actually resolve on their own and antibiotics are not always necessary. 

So, remembering that information and not wanting to go to the doctor in the first place, I Googled whether or not an adult ear infection was something that needed to be treated. In the 17 billion results I was provided with (You're so helpful, Google!), what caught my eye were all the articles about "home remedies" for ear infections, especially when used in conjunction with "colloidal silver."

Because hey, we have some of that stuff here at home. Intrigued, I looked at article after article and they all said the same thing: 

Colloidal silver heals ear infections. A couple of drops in the ear a couple of times a day over a couple of days usually takes care of the infection.

I gave it a shot. It was creepy dropping stuff into my ear. The liquid dribbling into canal sounded like a thousand rats running into my ear, as if I would actually know what that sounded like. But even weirder was, within a few minutes, the pressure, hotness and pain were gone.

Gone with the wind, folks. I was surprised. I couldn't have been more surprised than if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet! The effect was that dramatic and immediate.

I went to bed. By the next morning, the fever was gone. Over the next few days, I applied the drops two or three times a day, tilting my head and letting them run into and sit in my canal for a few minutes. I also tugged a bit at my ear lobe to move them around in the canal. Then I would tilt my head the other way and hold a tissue to my ear while they dripped back out.

A couple of days later, no mas ear infection. My ear was right as rain.  

Then, a few weeks ago, Brandon was feverish and his ear smelled like something had died in it. I tried the colloidal silver drops over a few days and he too, was cured.

GIVE IT A SHOT, PEOPLE! After, of course, checking with your doctor.

**We've been lucky enough to not be plagued with chronic or multiple ear infections in our kids, so I don't know if this is something that would be recommended in that situation. Check with your doctor or shaman or medicine man or witch doctor or whatever you use.

When I was googling images of colloidal silver to use, all these photos of blue-skinned people were in the results. Apparently, if you ingest too much of the stuff over the years, you'll turn blue. So don't do that. Don't become a real-life Smurf.

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