Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things that will make your life easier: Dry Shampoo

Just in case you didn't know, the experts say that it's actually not recommended to wash your hair every day. And just in case those experts don't know what the rest of us do, hair can get greasy pretty quickly, and if you have kids, hair can get boogery, pukey, and food-encrustedy even quicker. Yes, I totally just made up those words. And spell-check is pissed about it. 

Anyway, as a lot of us also know, trying to wash, dry, and style your hair every day can be a feat to accomplish and I love getting a two-ish day pass after each wash. But the grease? Not so great. I may be sporting enough to fry some chicken but I don't really want to advertise it, even though in my hippie town, it would go completely unnoticed. So my sister-in-law happened to mention John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo to me and I bought some and I loved it and I have since bought lots more. And I want you to know about it, too. Between washings, when your hair gets a little greasy and/or limp, this is the cure.

Bam. Basically, you aim the nozzle at your roots, shake and spray, and this little magic potion of powder and some liquid substance squirts out, and you work it through your roots, and viola! You have eliminated the grease, and given your roots a nice little bit of body, too. Just pay attention to the directive "work it through your roots", because if you don't, you might end up looking a little dandruffy (yes, spell check, I KNOW that's not correctly spelled). So just double check that some stray powder isn't lurking. 

Now for the boogers, puke, and food, this spray won't help, but some spot washing will. 

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  1. I touched my hair this morning, and found that it was stiff and smelled ... interesting.

    Guess I should have showered AFTER I burped the baby this morning.

    Having to change shirts twice this morning didn't clue me in that my hair might not now be as fresh as it was...

    So, really? this works? I have really fine hair... think it would weigh it down?

  2. I used the term "this morning" three times.

    I need some vodka.

  3. Kylee, it will work great with fine hair! It won't weight it down at all; it does the opposite of that, it gives it lots of body! I usually have more body and "lift" to my hair after using it than after I wash and dry it!

    Yes, I remember the puking days... all of my kids were spitter-uppers and it totally sucked. Totally. Keep an ample amount of laundry soap on hand at all times. That is not stuff to run out of!


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