Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brandon thinks tantrums will get him what he wants. He's wrong.

Brandon, at 16 months old, is learning the fine art of the temper tantrum. Such a delightful milestone. He's also learning pretty quickly that tantrums get him a first-class ticket on the train to Absolutely Nowhere. 

The other day he decided to throw one while leaving Ethan's school. Why, I couldn't possibly tell you, but I suspect it was because I didn't allow him to fall go down the 37 steps to the lower level area of the school, then cross over the sidewalk and run up the dirt path leading back up to the upper level. 

Anyway, once he realized that his dream of a concussion and broken arms was being thwarted by that fun-killing person he calls "daddy" (because that's the only word he knows how to say), It. Was. On.

You've all seen and heard it: the demonic screaming, followed by the arched back and kicking legs, then the sudden drop to the ground for more kicking and screaming, except that this time I was holding his hand, so he got a separated shoulder on his sudden drop to the ground (not really). He's still pretty young, so I helped him get settled on the ground and gently laid his head on the cement, then told him to be careful and looked around to find Connor. 

As if some tantrum fairy swooped in and waved her magical wand, he quickly stopped once he realized that not only had "daddy" helped him to the ground, she wasn't even looking at him. He laid on the ground for another 5 seconds or so, trying and failing to save some dignity by acting like he wanted to be laying on the filthy cement, then got up and we continued on our merry way. 

I really want to give thanks to all the people who have suggested ignoring tantrums. It works. 

At least, this time it did.

What else has worked for you?

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