Monday, September 9, 2013

The Date

Anticipation was building.

I was counting down the minutes. I put on some eyeliner and mascara, tousled some dry shampoo through my unwashed hair. Do I put on some perfume? No, that might be a bit much. My deodorant was fresh; it'll do.

Preparing to go, I put some water in my purse, made sure I had a snack. I didn't know how long I was going to be gone for. An hour. Maybe longer! I made sure I had everything I might need.

Finally, it was time. I kissed Nate and the boys goodbye, grabbed my keys and purse, and flew out the door. I clicked my heels together as I walked to the car.

As I drove, eighties music played on the radio. My spirits were high; I sang along like a fool to "It Must Have Been Love" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." The wind blew my hair around. I felt so free. 

I drove too fast, especially when "Hells Bells" played. The music was too loud and it was glorious; the only eardrums to wreck were my own. The car seats were EMPTY!

Then, I arrived. I pulled into the parking lot, found a spot. I was there!

And I grabbed a shopping cart and went into the grocery store, all alone, to shop in peace.

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