Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Play Catch, According To Toddlers

Toddler rules for playing catch:

1. Find the hardest ball in the house.

2. Stand AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to opponent.

3. Throw the ball mostly at their face. (This is the best when you have an opponent who hates stuff flying at their face. Spastic flinches are the best to watch.)

4. PRETEND you're going to throw the ball at their face, watch them flinch and flail their arms, then merely hand them the ball.

5. After only handing them the ball several times in a row, suddenly throw it in their face when they have their hands down and aren't expecting it.

6. If they have a scrotum or breasts, be sure to throw the ball there a few times. HARD.

7. Throw a tantrum when they stop playing after three minutes.

Ready to catch, mom!

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  1. I love this! So true! My son loves to play Frisbee 2 inches away from me and he wings it at top speed. He is 5 so there really is no excuse for this!

    1. Ha! Well, Frisbee might be in a whole 'nother category... :-)

  2. Bahahahahahahahaaa!!!! I have a 2yo and this is exactly how he plays, with the most awkward grasp on the ball that somehow manages to slug me EV-ER-Y TIME. And you last 3 minutes at this game? I only manage to last about 45 seconds. Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Katie, I can only last three minutes because I only let myself be roped into playing it about once a week. And, it's probably only a minute but you know how hellish things FEEL like they last FOREVER. Ha.

  3. I think I'll video when my husband teaches our son to play catch. Lol

  4. LOL (from a 12-year-old who is a laughs-at-all)


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