Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breastfeeding: Grab a Maxi-Pad for Your Bra (Nursing Pad Thoughts)

So. Continuing on with the breastfeeding information train, nursing pads. They're basically maxi-pads for your bra, to catch the leaking breast milk. Go buy some. 

Yes, sometimes, depending on your bra and shirt, people might be able to see the outline of them, but I promise, that looks better than the suspicious, giant wet spot on your shirt, right over your breast. Because when you least expect it, your boobs will spring a leak, like when you're in public and someone else's baby cries and that sound triggers a let-down. Or you're running behind and your boobs are getting too full and spring a leak to ease the pressure. I found nursing pads to be a great option over looking around and asking, "Is anyone thirsty?" while fluid ran down my stomach.

I loved the Lansinoh and Medela disposable ones. Loved them. They were nice and big but super thin and abosrbant, and they had the sticky pads on the back so they could stick to my bra without moving all around, which turns out to be a crucial benefit.

Way back when, I read a bunch of reviews on various nursing pads, and many women who have smaller breasts said that the Medela and Lansinoh ones were too big for them and stuck out of their bras. The pads of those two brands ARE big but they're really thin, and the other brands were smaller but way thicker, which did make them more obvious through shirts. And, not all of them had the sticky spots on the back to adhere them to your bra.

Several women also said they loved the various reusable/washable cotton nursing pads. I thought that they were okay and I was only able to use them after like, four or five months of breastfeeding, when my supply had waned and I wasn't leaking so much. If I had any kind of big let-down, then the washable pads were useless (leaked right through them), plus they don't have the sticky pads to adhere to your bra, either, so they'd move around and go off the bull's eye, if you know what I mean. 

I'm sure you do.

Another option is to cut actual maxi pads in half and stick those in your bra, especially if you're just hanging out at home.

Oh, and I suggest tossing a few extra sets of nursing pads in the diaper bag, purse, and breast pump... you never know when you'll saturate them while out and about and need a change!

What were/are your favorite nursing pads/leak solutions?

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  1. I used the lansinoh ones and they were good. Expensive, but like you said - thin.

    THEN after a while my give-a-fuck-o-meter failed to register when thinking about how it looked under a shirt, and I went with NUK. Thick, and a lot cheaper. Did the trick.

    In a full-disclosure shame-fest, I will admit that since I don't like to wear clothing of any kind when I sleep. I actually put PUPPY PADS in my bed, under the fitted sheet to protect our mattress. Yep. Klassy...

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Kylee, I think I love you.

    2. Love it, Kylee! Hey, puppy pads are a great idea! I put them under the fitted sheet when the boys were babies and slept in our bed AND were horrendous pukers. That smell is hard to get out of a mattress!

    3. I had them around and figured "why not". It worked a treat. Im now thinking of ways of taking the exact same product, tripling the price, calling it something cute, then remarketing it to pregnant/nursing moms with more money than I have. Lol.

  2. I loved the Lansinoh ones. The sticky backing was a big deal to me. I tried Nuk too (because they were cheaper) but they made me itch soooo bad. No Thanks. Overall I had to wear nursing pads 24/7 for about 10 months because of my let down ... Awesome for me ( I pumped 3x a day at work) and it was enough to BF my son for a full year.

    P.s. Kylee's post is the best thus far. My husband made me put pads on the bed during my last month of pregnancy because he was sure my water would break while I was sleeping and wake him up... I think he watched too many movies.

    1. That's funny about your husband! My water DID break in our bed, but I felt the gush and SHOT out of bed for the bathroom... I'm not sure a nine-months pregnant chick has previously ever moved so fast!

  3. I have used left over maternity pads as nursing pads! I am glad I'm not the only one! I use Nature's Child organic cotton pads not because I am a hippy but they were given to me by a hippy friend!! They're great, they actually absorb a lot but they do have a habit of travelling around...

    1. Yeah I wish they could figure out a way to "holster" them to the bra and keep them in place! A soft clip or something!

  4. I had to use a combo because the disposables irritated my nipples too much, so I would use them with the cloth ones inside of them for softness. As I am "busty" and had a pretty decent milk supply the cloth alone wouldn't have done it for me anyhow! I've used the maxi pads in a pinch, like when I'd be at work and realize I somehow forgot to put pads in so off to the purse to cut a maxi pad (usually a liner actually) in half as an emergency measure to hopefully get me to a pumping break or lunch!

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