Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An Ode To The Beginning, And The Journey

At 1:22 a.m. on July 7th, 2006, I started my parenting journey. Hearing my baby's first cry made my face crumble and is imprinted on my soul. Frankly, I never wanted kids. Then I had my baby boy and two more baby boys and while I 100% admit that there have been days where I felt like I was clinging to life and sanity by my last fingernail, ultimately it is an incredible honor to be tasked with raising these boys into courageous, honorable men. I will take every single failure, success, trial by fire, sorrow, and gut-punch heartbreak that has brought me to my knees if it gives me the lessons that I need to teach these boys how to navigate life successfully, proudly, and with honor in who they are and how they treat others. Happy birthday, Ethan. You are such an intricate, intelligent, dorkily weird, affectionate goober and loved so very deeply.

P.S. Happy birthday, Leif. Gone but never forgotten. Your daughter is beautiful, and still, the ocean speaks to us of you.

From 2012. An oldie, and one of my favorites.
This is something I snagged from my personal Facebook page and tossed on here. Because I like it!

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