Friday, November 22, 2013

A Fun Game

As neighbors drove and walked by, they slowed and stared.

What is that mom doing to her kids?

Is she really throwing a ball AT them?

Yes, yes I was. But they were loving it, and we discovered a new game that I want to share with you.

Get a basketball, find a pathway, then stand at the end of it. When you say "go" the kids run up the pathway and you send the ball bouncing up the pathway after them. They have to avoid letting the ball touch them.

Connor was pretending the ball was a bomb or a bowling ball. It encouraged him to run faster!

Make up your own rules about what the penalty is if the ball tags them. Ethan's was that he had to dramatically fall down and lie there like he was dead. Connor's was that there was no penalty.

Over and over and over we did this. And over and over. The boys sprinted up the pathway probably 100 times. As I watched them become fatigued and get tons of energy out, my heart soared.

I mean, their squeals of joy and laughter made my heart soar.

Just hope that people figure out that you're not playing a cruel game and don't call the cops or something. 

Sleep tight, exhausted little ones.

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