Saturday, March 23, 2013

PSA #4: Helmets

Oh yay, time for another Public Service Announcement! This one includes a VIDEO to make my main point. 

I KNOW. I've never shown you a video before. Yes, I KNOW, you don't want to click on the video to make it play. I DON'T EITHER. I hate clicking on videos. I don't know why. I guess I figure that a thousand viruses are going to infect my computer and then my blog will be hacked and you'll suddenly start receiving Asian porn videos from me and my "good girl" (AAAAAHahahahaha) reputation will be destroyed. 

Or, more accurately, I don't want to turn the volume up on my laptop, don't wan't to suffer through ads, don't want the boys running over to see what I'm watching, too lazy to take the extra step of clicking the play button, don't want to be bored, I just don't want to do it. Also, I'm scared it'll be like 10 minutes long. This one is only six seconds. Don't blink; you might miss it.

But if YOU like watching videos, watch this one. It demonstrates why one should ALWAYS wear a helmet. Even two-year-old dorks on a friggin' trike. Because you just never know.

I'm also sharing it to enshrine it in the annals of the internet so that Brandon will have some kind of proof to take to his prison psychologist after he murders 27 women who look just like me, in his efforts to symbolically murder ME over and over for being unable to contain my laughter after he crashes and burns on his trike.

Yes, I'm one of those assholes who laughs when my kids wipe out.

I feel like I might be losing a few of you. Let me defend myself a bit.

1. I laugh at just about EVERYTHING. It's a defense mechanism (I'm probably a candidate for a mental institution).

2. AT LEAST I immediately cut the video so I could go help my child, instead of continuing to film for sick entertainment value.

3. It's not that bad. He didn't even cry. Because he wasn't hurt. BECAUSE HE WAS WEARING A HELMET.

So, without even more unnecessary blathering (I'm sorry) here's the reason you should always helmet up.

PLEASE let me know if you have trouble playing the video. I've never done this before and most likely screwed it up. I do know that it's not showing up on Apple devices and don't know how to fix that; if you're THAT into watching it, bring up this post on a regular computer or laptop.


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  1. Awww - poor Brandon.

    (I laughed, sorry)

  2. Once Animal learned how to walk I have been campaigning to get him a helmet and safety goggles so he can happily run free and we can stop worrying he'll crack his skull or poke an eye out. I haven't won yet..

    1. His head is so much stronger than you may think. Trust me.

  3. LOL! I have to say that with three kids, there are times that you just can't help it! Great post!

    You've been nominated!


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