Friday, June 15, 2012

To The Great Ones

Happy Father's Day, dads. I mean the dads who pour their heart and soul into raising their kids and don't leave the child-rearing to the moms. 

I mean the dads who change diapers, play with their kids, put them to bed, brush their teeth, bathe them, and teach them about life. 

I mean the dads who split child-rearing as equally as possible with mom, because they realize that they're a parent, too, and the fact that they work doesn't take away from the fact that they are also a father. Working moms still take care of their kids, so why shouldn't working fathers? Work should not impact one's ability to be a father at home. They are two completely separate things.

Happy Father's Day to the dads who split the sleeping in with mom, and who take care of mom and their relationship because they realize that a happy, healthy relationship is one of the best environments a couple can provide for their children. Happy Father's Day to the dads who don't let their wives run themselves ragged day after day while they chill out and watch, not lifting a finger to help, and then ask their exhausted, spent wives for more, more, more. 

To those laundry-folding warriors who also know how to dress their kids and get them ready for the day, cheers to you. To the dads who are capable of and proficient at caring for the kids so mom can go do her thing without having to worry about the lives and limbs of her young, double cheers to you. 

An extra-special Happy Father's Day to the dads who can't be with their babies because they are serving their country. Be safe, and may you return home safely. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Happy Father's Day to the dads who are no longer with us, and to the dads who no longer get to hold their babies, except in their hearts and memories.

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  1. Lovely post! It's not fathers day till September here, but my hubby is def one of the hands-on dads you talk about. Right now he is up with G getting her ready for her swimming lesson while I drink the tea he made me in bed (bubs is still asleep). He is a great dad! Hmmm although I'm wondering how he'll get on when he has to take care of them both by himself for a whole day! (I'm going to a blogging conference!) he hasn't done it before and its harder than he thinks teehee xx

    1. That is so awesome that you snagged one of the good ones too! As you probably are, I'm sure he'll do just fine when you go to the blogging conference; it sounds like he's already well on his way to being perfectly capable. Although, yes, I'm sure he'll also realize that it's more work than he realized to be the solo parent ALL day long! Have fun at the conference!

  2. this is one of my favorite posts of yours :)

  3. I love this post! I was lucky enough to marry one of these fabulous men! He not only helps with everything, even when he is sick (and all men I've known are notorious babies when sick!) but he goes to EVERY baby appt when I'm pregnant and manages teenagers pretty damn well too! I'm pretty damned blessed to have such a man!

    1. I'm so happy you have such a good guy! Makes life SO much easier!


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