Thursday, June 7, 2012

Public Service Announcement #2

I find it very fitting that this PSA happens to be #2. You'll get it soon enough.

Nate took the two older boys (and a kid we don't really know from Ethan's class - proud of you, dude) to the park the other day and a certain event reminded me of another public service announcement that I would like to make:


In case you haven't figured out what the certain event was, Connor stepped in some dog shit at the park. Ever since Ethan and Connor have been old enough to walk, they have continually stepped in dog shit, and we don't even own a dog. It has happened so much that I'm starting to wonder if they are dog shit magnets, in spite of us teaching them to be on the lookout for stinky brown piles of dung.

I mean, come on, people. I don't let my kids shit on the sidewalk and leave it for you or your dog to step in. Be responsible for your pets. Pick up their crap. If you forget a bag, find a big leaf and scoop it up the best you can, or find a stick and spear that fucker like a piece of meat, all caveman style, then throw it somewhere that people are not going to be stepping. Common courtesy doesn't apply to you? Then step in it your fucking self and spare the rest of the world the frustrating, gaggingly smelly agony of digging your dog's shit out of the thousands of crevices in their shoes.


I made this one for my kids:

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  1. Just be grateful your kids keep their shoes on, and don't step on it with bare feet.

    Cleaning squished-between-the-toes and still warm dog crap off your kid has to be way worse...

    (I am an Aunt and a godmother - I've done my time with this kind of ... crap)

    1. Oh that's disgusting! Yes, I am grateful for the shoes! Definitely the lesser of the two evils.

  2. Samantha Des RochesJune 7, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    I am gagging!!! Is this supposed to be a PSA or some new Diet?? Seriously, the thought of digging dog poo out of your child's sneaker tred is making want to hurl. I may lose those pesky 20 pounds yet....ugg. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Soon to be Skinny & Sexy again

    1. Haa, maybe both! I'm happy to be able to help you attain your weight loss goals! :-)

      And I see you were able to comment with your name, glad it worked out!

  3. I have three pugs and seem to be constantly stepping in dog shit. Always while wearing my sneakers. I'm forever picking crap out of the treads with a toothpick! YUK! This made me laugh so hard!

    1. Oh my, I shudder! But hey, a toothpick is a great idea! We've used old toothbrushes, only to find one day that one of the boys got ahold of it and was brushing his teeth with it...
      I'll buy more toothpicks, thanks for mentioning that!


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