Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remembrances of the Past, Episode 2: A Night Away

Last week, my mom visited from out of state. Whenever she comes into town, Nate and I get out of town. Not to avoid her, but because when she's here, it's like a free pass for Nate and I. She watches our boys; is willing to take on the craziness of them single-handedly, and we do not hesitate to take full advantage. Guilt free.

In the past, before kids, a couple of times a year Nate and I would take little overnight trips to some cozy inn and just enjoy the time away together. We would never have to go far, because we are super lucky to live in an area in which we can't afford a house, but there is a plethora of gorgeous coastal retreats. Instead of buying each other Christmas presents, we would put the money towards a night or two away. 

Once we had kids, we refused to let go of our tradition. In fact, having kids cemented our tradition of getting away. We cling to it like Titanic passengers to their life rafts (too soon?) and I would eat 25-year-old Top Ramen for a week if that's what I had to do to fund a night away (which, fortunately, I don't have to).

Because see, I don't know about you, but I actually like my husband. And getting away with him, without the kids, allows me to remember that I am not just a mom, but I'm this dude's wife, and we have fun together. We are more than parents, we are our own people, human beings who enjoy a night in which we don't have to fight a kid into his pajamas, fight a toothbrush into another kid's mouth, and listen to the chaos of children whom we love deeply but definitely would like to be able to miss for a day or two. And then after they are in bed, be trapped in the house, unable to go anywhere together, lest we be arrested for child neglect and endangerment. 

So whenever someone is willing to take on our three spawn, we run like Hell out of the door and go relax, reconnect as adults, drink too much wine, and enjoy the gorgeous West Coast. I highly recommend this to anyone. 

A few years ago, we discovered this inn in Half Moon Bay, The Cypress Inn. It is one of the best places that we've stayed at, and we continually go back. I mean, when this is the view from your deck, how can you not?


If you can ignore the gorgeous street signs that slightly impede the view (but just from this particular room), it is just stunning. We sat on our deck, listened to the waves, and watched the sun set while drinking decent wine that the inn sets out for their complimentary wine and appetizer hour. 


This was our room this time, the El Sol:

Photo credit: http://www.cypressinn.com

It was heaven. Peaceful. Quiet. A perfect way to keep the madness at bay. We fell asleep and woke up to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore, and had some breakfast delivered to the door in the morning. Like, a real breakfast, with cooked entrees wheeled on a cart into our room - and that's included in the room rate. I'm telling you, this place ROCKS. If you live or visit near Half Moon Bay, California, this is the place to go. We have never been disappointed. 

We went home refreshed and happy. Our kids survived, and had a great time with their Grandma. Grandma had a great time with them. Leaving your kids in capable hands to take care of yourself (and relationship) is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Promise.

And as a tip, if you sign up via email for the Special Offers/ V.I.P. Club, you get discounted room rates, mostly during the week, but that's perfect for us. The V.I.P. Club is through the bigger chain that the Cypress Inn is part of, Inns By The Sea. I've linked all the stuff here to make it super easy for you, were you wanting to check them out. You sign up and the special offers are good for all of the inns. We've stayed at a couple of the other inns and they've all been awesome. But the Cypress Inn is our favorite.

And no, they are not paying me to talk all kinds of goodness about them (unfortunately, heehee). They have deserved their good reviews, all on their own.

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