Saturday, March 24, 2012

A handful of things that I'll miss. Only a handful.

The other day, as I was out in public and scrambling after my chaotic throng of kids, a lady read my face (it wasn't hard, I was rolling my eyes, sighing, raising my voice, chasing them, gesticulating wildly) and said, "I know it's really crazy for you right now, but believe it or not, you're going to miss this stage someday. I have teens now, and there are days that I wish they were this little again." She smiled, and grabbed one of my spawns as they darted by her, helping me to reign one of them in. I told her thanks and said, "I hear that a lot and yes, I do find it hard to believe."

We've ALL heard this before. Lots of people get all butt-hurt upon hearing it and want to scream at the well-meaning person to shut the hell up, and I get that. So far, the only stage I've really, truly enjoyed was the baby stage (yes, I'm one of those) and I find it incredibly hard to believe that I'm going to look back on these days with fondness and smiles. I'm pretty sure that if I smile at and feel fond about anything upon looking back, it's going to be all the booze I drank to get me through it.

But if I really, really think hard, I realize that each of the boys have something they did for a short time - as a 1-year-old - that has not only imprinted itself in my memory, but is something that I absolutely loved and miss about them. 

With Ethan, he used to cover his eyes and in this adorable, squeaky, tiny voice, would say "it's dark". There was something about his voice, and the way he said it that would just grab me. 

With Connor, it was the way he ran when he first started running- he didn't pick up his knees. So he would run with his legs out to the side, and look like an absolute tool but it was incredibly funny and endearing. I knew I was going to be bummed when he started picking up his knees, and I was. While I'll always laugh at my kids, this was one of my favorite things to laugh at him about. Currently, it's when he rides his younger brother's trike that's way too small for him. He literally looks like a circus clown riding a too-small bike. It's hilarious and actually pretty embarrassing when we're out in public. By public I mean on our street. 

With Brandon, it's the way he nods his head yes. He has the "no" head shake down pat (of course), but he's trying to learn how to actually nod it, and he uses his whole upper body and looks like he's having a seizure. It's really funny and cute, and I am going to miss that when he learns how to nod by only using his neck. And the way he dances at everything. Any beat of music he hears, he gets down and it's awesomely funny. Perhaps I'll miss his Chapstick obsession. It's oddly funny. Naw, he gets that shit everywhere. Never mind.

So technically, everyone who says that I'll miss this stage is right... I can think of a handful of things that I will miss. I'll start sharing them when people say that. Actually, I won't, because I'll be too busy dealing with the boys. 

I know some things are springing to mind about what you miss. Share them by commenting below!

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  1. Funny that you mention chapstick cuz I WON'T miss finding empty tubes in the laundry...where do they accumulate this stuff anyway? Not like I buy them their own chapstick. I love how you made a point to remember the little things that are meaningful to you...I just told myself last night that I need to sit and watch each of my kids and do a little stream of consciousness writing about them. I don't do that enough.

    1. I know... it's like it magically appears, merely because they conjured an image of it or something!

      Yes, I had to make a point to remember SOMETHING good, it's nice to have when they are driving me nuts! :-) Ha, kidding aside, I would love to read your streams of consciousness about yours, were you to post them!

  2. My daughter is starting to assert her independence. Whether it's putting on her pants or shoes or eating her dinner, when she wants to do something herself, she says, "Charlotte do! Charlotte do!" But when she's really tired or frustrated, she will turn to me and ask, "Mommy do? Mommy do?" I will really miss being asked "Mommy do?"
    I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and I just love it! You chronicle the joys and frustrations of parenthood so beautifully.

    1. Well thank you, bean mama! Charlotte sounds adorable, I hope you get "Mommy do?" for as long as possible!


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