Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Recap

Salutations and welcome to 2012! I hope this year brings lots of fun and good craziness to your lives, because good craziness is really awesome. 

I was actually not being entirely accurate when I titled this post. It's not a "recap" because in this family, we don't celebrate most holidays on the actual holiday so get this, we still have two, yes TWO, Christmases to celebrate. So technically, it's not a recap. Not yet. But probably like the rest of you, I'm pretty much over the holidays and ready to welcome a great new year consisting of everyone's fear of world destruction, and Japan's earthquake on the very first day of the new year does NOT help. Man, I feel sorry for those guys. I don't really buy into the whole hoopla about the world ending this year but if I did, am I the only who thinks that that region will be the first to go? They've had some seriously bad luck lately with the natural disasters. 

Anyway, I'm speaking of the future and not the past like I am supposed to be. So back to the past. Essentially, aside from not feeling physically well for most of the month of December, it was a good holiday season. Here are the "highlights":

  • Brandon (1 y/o) got into the Christmas tree every day as expected. I knew he was going to and almost suggested not even bothering with the tree this year, but we got the tree and instead just didn't decorate the rest of the house. He only broke one ornament. A true Christmas miracle. 

  • I misaddressed my mom's Christmas card and present, so it came back in the mail, a week after Christmas. I remailed it (after triple-checking the correct house number) but she still doesn't have it. Man, I suck.

  • About 30% of the Christmas cards that I intend to mail out are still laying around my house. I am SO ON TOP of things!!

  • We still have two Christmases to go so I am positive that I am shooting myself in the foot here, but we managed to avoid receiving "the dreaded" kid toys this year! If you have kids, you know exactly what I am referring to: the ones with a thousand parts (the WORST), the ones that are capable of rendering you deaf, the ones you have to spend an arm and leg on buying the rest of the parts so they can actually use them, the ones that eat through eight batteries a week, and the ones that you know the kids are never going to play with. I have visions of the ones we've received in the past floating in my head as I write this, but since the gift-givers are probably going to read this at some point, I'll refrain from listing them. I want to, but I won't. Okay. An alphabet-block train (a thousand parts) and an art easel (spent more than the easel itself cost getting the paper, paints, brushes, etc.), for starters.

  • I abuse sugar like a drug addict abuses drugs. Sweets and baked goods are my crack cocaine. So I was in sugar and carbohydrate-induced heaven this past month, thanks to my mom's box of goodies that she mailed, and the couple of plates of assorted yummies that we received from Nate's mom and co-worker. Usually I pace myself and pass off the goods to the boys in no small effort to keep the extra pounds at bay, but this year I threw my skinny jeans to the wind and stuffed more cookies in my mouth as I stepped on the scale and inwardly cringed but outwardly shrugged as the sweet, sweet goodness went down the hatch. 

  • I picked up a new phrase from my brother-in-law over one of the Christmas celebrations. We were talking about how the boys get bored of/outgrow cartoons so I will randomly try new ones, and he referred to it as "time to change babysitters." Awesome. Purely awesome, and incredibly insightful for someone who does not yet have children. You will be reading that phrase on my blog in the future. Thanks, M.T.!! 

So Connor is sitting with me and took off his socks, and the awful smell of his feet is affecting my thinking ability. Consequently, I think I've covered the highlights but probably haven't, but I'm going to go ahead and post this anyway. And go bathe the boys, since I skipped that dreaded chore yesterday and Connor's feet are crying out for some soap.

What were your holiday highlights? Go ahead, get them off your chest and post them below!

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