Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who loves a bubble bath? My boys!

So I've been adding a little bubble bath to my boys' baths lately. Why? Because kids LOVE bubbles. Whether boy or girl, I've never seen a kid immune to the thrill of bubbles. My boys are no exception, and they are so excited to get into their baths and play away. They "make" ice cream, hide their toys under the foam and find them, pretend they are skeletons with the streaks of foam on their bodies as the bones, and a hundred other things that I am not paying attention to as I'm simultaneously assembly-line washing them, breaking up bath toy fights, and keeping the baby from standing up and severely injuring himself in a subsequent fall.

My thinking is, just because they are boys, why should they not enjoy a little bubble in their bath? Sure, in 20 years, if they tell me they still take bubble baths, I might blink an extra blink, but then I'll shrug my shoulders and say, "Good for you." Because really, who cares? And if one does care, why? What is there to care about? That's right, nothing. Whether young or old, if throwing a little bubble bath in the tub makes someone happy, then they should go ahead and do it. Besides, there are so many ways that I deprive my kids of joy with my rule-enforcing and boundary-setting that I might as well make up for it in this small way. 

By the way, I also bought a pack of pink princess Pull-Ups for one son to wear at night. Why? They were on clearance (50% off!!) and I had a coupon, to boot. I love those deals; I got a $12 pack of Pull-Ups for a few bucks! He only wore them at night and no one saw them anyway. But the bottom line is, I just don't care. I have far more important things to care about than what color a Pull-Up is that he's just going to pee in, like how much longer I can ignore my kids and write for, and why the pants are always pulled down on their stuffed Mickey Mouse. Always. No matter how often I pull them back up, one of the boys always pulls them down. And I have no idea why.

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  1. My three boys LOVE bubble bath, but I almost never use it because they will actually fight over who gets the most bubbles! If its just one of them in there, he will usually start crying as soon as the bubbles start popping. Then they will start begging me to add more bubbles which very quickly drives me completely over the edge (which I was already on the edge of by that time of day).

    For the record, they also fight over the pink cups and cutlery. If I can find all pink for everyone, it's a happy night.

    Love your blog! So glad I'm not the only one surrounded by penises :)

    1. Mine fight over bubbles and pink, too. It'll be fun to tease them about that down the road. ;-)


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